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Name A Pasta Dish That Ends With The Letter L

I have been having so much fun thinking up these food items for all of my alphabet challenge posts! Today, we are taking a look at the letter L and all of the tasty treats that start with it!

name a pasta dish that ends with the letter l

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This is one of my longer alphabet lists since the letter L has a wide variety of different foods, ingredients, herbs, and beverages that all begin with it! Come enjoy eating your way through the alphabet!

This tasty type of pasta can be used in a ton of different dishes, both vegetarian-based and vegetarian. It has a similar structure to fettuccine pasta since it is long and flat (without being as wide).

Did you find anything new you want to try that starts with the letter L? Is there anything that I missed that needs to be on the list? Leave a comment down below and let me know your favorite food that starts with L!

Unlike most bacteria, L. monocytogenes can grow at refrigeration temperatures and freezing will not eliminate or reduce the pathogen. The FDA recommends that retailers implement time and temperature controls to reduce the opportunity for the growth of L. monocytogenes. L. monocytogenes can also cross-contaminate other food that has been cut and served on the same cutting board or stored in the same area. Retailers should check with your state for specific guidance. More information can be found in the FDA Food Code 2017.

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Perhaps one of the most popular pasta types in the world, spaghetti consists of long, thin noodles which can be paired with a wide variety of sauces. Possibly the most well known dish is Spaghetti Bolognese, where pasta is paired with meat in a marinara sauce. This type of pasta suits meat and vegetable dishes of any sort, or even just garlic and olive oil.

Contrary to popular belief, lasagne is the name of the thin sheets of pasta that make up a dish, rather than the dish itself. Lasagne is used in oven-baked dishes with the most well known dish being lasagne al forno, which likely comprises of a beef or pork ragu, layered between layers of lasagne and béchamel sauce, topped with cheese. This dish can be adapted to contain any type of filling you like, such as mushrooms instead of meat.

This pasta has a spiralled, corkscrew like shape that pair perfectly with rich meat sauces or chunky vegetables as the chunks get caught in the crevices of the twirls giving the dish a lovely texture. They can also be baked into casseroles or pasta bakes for the same reason.

It is important to get the recommended amount of each food group without going over your daily recommended calories. Keep in mind that the amount you should eat to maintain your weight depends on your age, sex, and level of physical activity.

Known as malloreddus in their native land of Sardinia, gnocchetti sardi is a pasta that features a small, compact shape, almost like tiny clamshells. They are often served with meaty sauces, like this malloreddus with pork shoulder sauce recipe , or cheese sauces.

The exact origin of this popular pasta is somewhat hard to nail down because it has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, but it was definitely popularized in Italy. Gnocchi is a type of dough dumpling that is cut into pieces about the size of a small cork, and it often features potatoes, spinach, ricotta, eggs, cheese like this gorgonzola gnocchi recipe or simply pan fried with butter and sage.

Perhaps one of the most commonly used pastas in the world, spaghetti reportedly originated in China, and was imported to Venice by way of the popular merchant traveler Marco Polo. Spaghetti noodles are very long, thin and round-shaped, and are commonly served with a wide variety of sauces, meats and vegetables, including marinara sauce , meatballs and mushrooms. One of the most famous dishes with this type of pasta is spaghetti alla carbonara.

Sagne torte is a spiral-shaped pasta that originated in Puglia, Italy, and is commonly served with a variety of mixed meat sauces. One of the most traditional recipe is sagne e fagioli from the Abruzzo region.

This highly popular pasta style originated in the regions of Calabria and Campania, and features a large tubular shape, almost like slices of a garden hose. They are commonly used in tomato sauce based recipes, like this paccheri with ragù napoletano recipe , seafood sauce recipes or any type of dish with heavy garlic accents.

Also known as macaroni , maccheroni is perhaps one of the most popular pasta styles in the world. It originated in northern and central Italy, and it features a small, slightly curved, tubular shape that makes it very versatile. Maccheroni is commonly used in baked pasta dishes, soups, or tossed with cheese or vegetable sauces like in pasta alla norma

The origin of this uber-popular pasta shape is somewhat obscure, but legend has it that the Lombardy region played a big role in spreading its popularity. It is a square shaped pasta with ruffled edges, and is often stuffed with various fillings including meat, cheese and vegetables as well as shellfish like in this lobster ravioli recipe .

Originating from the Emilia region of Italy (specifically Modena and Bologna), tortellini are a somewhat ring-shaped pasta that is often stuffed with a combination of meat (prosciutto, pork, etc.) and/or cheese.

Rooted in the regions of Liguria, Marche and Emilia-Romagna, tagliolini is a long, ribbon-like pasta that is similar to fettuccine, and measures about a quarter of an inch wide. Tagliolini is typically served with various sauces, with one of the most popular being bolognese sauce.

Trenette is a dried, narrow, flat pasta that is commonly associated with the regions of Liguria and Genoa in Italy. It is often served with a pesto sauce in a traditional preparation known as trenette al pesto .

Reportedly first created in Naples, Italy, by the famed chef Nicola Federico, cannelloni is a tube-like or cylindrical pasta that usually measures three to four inches in length, and is often stuffed with a cheese, meat, vegetable or fish filling.

Similar to other types of pasta such as chiocciole, lumache are small, snail-shaped pasta shells that typically feature one crimped end to better hold the sauce. They find their roots in Sicily, and are usually enjoyed with slightly heavier, chunkier sauces.

This hollow pasta from north-central Italy also features a curved shape that resembles a snail shell, but with a flattened opening at one end. Pipe pairs well with chunky meat, vegetable or cream sauces.

One of many unique types of pasta, this fun wagon wheel-shaped pasta originated in northern Italy, and is commonly used in dishes with either a tomato-based or cream-based sauce. There has been some slight confusion over the difference between rotelle and rotini , as several pasta brands produce corkscrew-shaped pasta named rotelle, but the actual rotelle pasta is shaped like wagon wheels.

Hailing from Liguria in northern Italy, trofie is a thin, short, twisted pasta that is typically rolled by hand into interesting squiggly shapes. The traditional Liguran application for trofie is to serve it with a basil pesto sauce, but it is also commonly enjoyed with light tomato sauce as well.

This Sardinian-born pasta is similar to Israeli couscous in size and shape, and is comprised of semolina dough that has been rolled into small balls that are roughly 2-3mm in diameter. Fregola is commonly prepared with clams and tomato sauce, a recipe from Nonna Antonia, which was included in the Sardinia Nonna Box, along with some fregola, of course!

Unlike most other shapes, Spatzle originated with the Swabian people of southwestern Germany. It is an egg-based pasta that is typically round in shape, but it can be irregularly shaped when handmade. Simply comprised of eggs, flour and salt, spatzle is often served as a side dish with butter, or topped with gravy or creamy sauce.

If you were to cut off the angled edges of penne pasta, you would basically have sedani . Although its origins are unknown, it is reasonable to assume that it originated as an offshoot of the Sicilian-born penne. Sedani is commonly served with tomato sauce, but it is also a favorite when served plain with cheese or butter.

Hailing from the central-southern region of Tuscany in Italy, pappardelle is flat, ribbon-style pasta that is cut into a very broad shape, not unlike wide fettuccine. Pappardelle is among the types of pasta that is an excellent match for a wide range of sauces, from meat to shellfish to vegetables, or in this pappardelle recipe with artichokes, fava beans and prosciutto.

Pasta may very well be one of the most popular carbohydrates in the culinary world. It can be served on its own with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of herbs or paired with a homemade meaty tomato sauce. It's also a central element of casseroles and soups. Other creative uses include tossing it into salads for a heartier main dish. With so many different types of pasta, you can choose from a wide array of noodle types with striking designs, various sizes, and different textures for your menu.


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