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How to Watch Stanley Ka Dabba Online for Free | 720p | Bluray

Stanley Ka Dabba: A Heartwarming Tale of Friendship and Food

Stanley Ka Dabba (transl. Stanley's lunchbox) is a 2011 Hindi-language comedy drama film written, directed and produced by Amole Gupte, starring Divya Dutta, Partho Gupte (son of Amole Gupte), Divya Jagdale, Raj Zutshi, and Amole Gupte. The film was released on 13 May 2011.


The film tells the story of Stanley, a fourth grader at Holy Family school in Mumbai, who does not bring his lunch box to school unlike his classmates. He faces the wrath of a greedy and gluttonous Hindi teacher, who forces him to bring his own food or stop coming to school. The film explores the themes of child labor, poverty, hunger, education, friendship, and compassion.

Stanley Ka Dabba is a simple, sincere, and soulful film that touches the hearts of the viewers with its realistic portrayal of school life, children's emotions, and social issues. It is a film that celebrates the innocence, creativity, and resilience of children in the face of adversity. It is also a film that exposes the hypocrisy, cruelty, and indifference of some adults who exploit and abuse children for their own selfish interests.

In this article, we will provide a plot summary, a movie review, some movie download options, some movie trivia, a conclusion, and some FAQs about Stanley Ka Dabba.

Plot summary

Stanley (Partho Gupte) is a bright, cheerful, and popular student in his class. He is good at academics, sports, arts, and poetry. He is especially admired by his English teacher, Ms. Rosy (Divya Dutta), who encourages his creativity and humor. However, he has a secret that he hides from everyone: he does not bring his lunch box to school.

Stanley works as a waiter at a restaurant after school hours to support his family. His parents are dead and he lives with his uncle (Shashank Shende), who treats him badly. He does not have enough money or time to prepare or buy food for himself. He survives on water or scraps from the restaurant.

His friends at school share their food with him during lunch break. They enjoy his company and stories. They do not mind his lack of lunch box. However, there is one person who does mind: Mr. Verma (Amole Gupte), the Hindi teacher.

Mr. Verma is a greedy and gluttonous man who does not bring his own lunch box either. He preys on the food of his students and colleagues. He has no shame or manners in eating from others' plates. He is nicknamed 'Khadoos' (grumpy) by the students for his rude and mean behavior.

One day, Mr. Verma arrives late for lunch break and misses out on eating from his favorite student's lunch box. He finds out that the food was shared with Stanley. He gets angry and scolds Stanley for not bringing his own lunch box. He warns him that he will not allow him to attend school until he brings his own food.

Stanley feels hurt and humiliated by Mr. Verma's words. He stops eating from his friends' lunch boxes. He lies to them that he goes home for lunch where his mother cooks for him. His friends soon discover his lie when they see him wandering around the school during lunch break.

They confront him and he tells them the truth about his situation. They feel sorry for him and decide to help him out. They start hiding from Mr. Verma during lunch break while sharing their food with Stanley. They also plan to surprise him with a special lunch box on his birthday.

Meanwhile, Ms. Rosy notices Stanley's absence from the class during lunch break. She suspects that something is wrong with him. She follows him one day and finds out that he works at a restaurant. She confronts him and he confesses his truth to her. She feels shocked and sad for him. She decides to help him out by talking to his uncle and the school principal.

On Stanley's birthday, his friends bring a huge lunch box for him filled with delicious food. They also bring a cake and gifts for him. They celebrate his birthday in the classroom with Ms. Rosy's permission. Stanley feels overwhelmed and happy by their gesture. He thanks them for their friendship and love.

However, their happiness is short-lived when Mr. Verma barges into the classroom and sees the lunch box. He gets furious and snatches the lunch box from Stanley. He accuses him of stealing the food from someone else. He insults him and his friends in front of the whole class. He threatens to expel him from the school.

Stanley tries to defend himself but Mr. Verma does not listen to him. He opens the lunch box and starts eating from it greedily. He does not care about the food being Stanley's birthday gift or his friends' hard work. He only cares about satisfying his hunger.

As he eats, he chokes on a piece of chicken bone and falls down on the floor. He gasps for air and begs for help. The students and teachers rush to his aid. They try to remove the bone from his throat but fail. They call for an ambulance but it is too late. Mr. Verma dies on the spot.

The whole school is shocked and saddened by Mr. Verma's death. The principal (Raj Zutshi) announces that the school will be closed for the day as a mark of respect for Mr. Verma. He also announces that Stanley will not be expelled from the school as he was not at fault.

Stanley feels guilty and responsible for Mr. Verma's death. He blames himself for bringing the lunch box to school. He thinks that he has killed his teacher with his food. He runs away from the school in tears.

Ms. Rosy follows him and tries to console him. She tells him that he did not kill Mr. Verma, but Mr. Verma killed himself with his greed and cruelty. She tells him that he is not a bad boy, but a good boy who deserves love and care. She tells him that she has talked to his uncle and convinced him to let Stanley stay with her at her home.

She hugs him and assures him that everything will be alright. She tells him that she will take care of him like her own son and send him to a better school where he can study and grow without any fear or trouble.

Stanley feels relieved and grateful to Ms. Rosy for her kindness and generosity. He smiles and accepts her offer to be his new mother.

Movie review

Stanley Ka Dabba is a movie that touches the hearts of the viewers with its simple, sincere, and soulful story of a boy who struggles with hunger, poverty, and child labor, but finds hope, joy, and friendship in his school life.

The movie is written, directed, and produced by Amole Gupte, who is known for his work in children's films like Taare Zameen Par (2007) and Hawa Hawai (2014). He also plays the role of Mr. Verma, the antagonist of the film.

The movie is based on Gupte's own experiences as a child who did not bring his lunch box to school due to financial constraints. He also drew inspiration from his son Partho Gupte, who plays the role of Stanley in the film.

The movie is shot in a realistic and natural style, using handheld cameras, natural light, and real locations. The movie does not use any background music or songs, except for one song sung by Sukhwinder Singh during the end credits.

The movie has a strong cast of actors who deliver authentic and convincing performances.

  • Partho Gupte as Stanley: He is the protagonist of the film who wins the hearts of the viewers with his innocence, charm, and talent.

  • Divya Dutta as Ms. Rosy: She is the English teacher who supports and mentors Stanley throughout his journey.

Amole Gupte as Mr. Verma: He is the Hindi teacher who antagonizes and harasses Stanley for not bringing his lunch box.

The movie is criticized for its slow pace, lack of music, and abrupt ending. Some viewers also felt that the movie was too preachy, melodramatic, and unrealistic in some aspects.

Overall, Stanley Ka Dabba is a movie that appeals to both children and adults with its simple yet powerful story of friendship and food. It is a movie that makes one laugh, cry, and think about the plight of millions of children who face hunger, poverty, and exploitation every day. It is a movie that inspires one to be more compassionate, generous, and grateful for the things that one has in life.

Movie download options

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