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Black Out Days Tiktok Edit

Nylah Anderson was discovered unconscious in her Philadelphia home in December 2021 after attempting the challenge. She succumbed to her injuries and died five days later in a pediatric intensive care unit. Experts have cautioned that the challenge can cause fainting, brain damage and seizures. TikTok responded to the series of blackout challenge related deaths by urging users to report videos promoting the challenge.

Black Out Days Tiktok Edit

"If you posted a blackout pic and used the hashtags blm, blacklivesmatter, etc DELETE THE POST and if you wish, reupload without the blm hashtags," she said. "Even if you edit out the tag from your original post I am told it could remain up on the original hashtags, which erases protest footage and crucial information. Play it safe and just delete & re-upload it entirely."

Fade to black is a video transition that makes a clip/scene gradually end with a black background. It originates from the theater performance in the old days when the staff drew the stage curtains and turned off the light. So, the stage became pitch dark while the crew behind hurried to change clothes and stage props for the next scene. 041b061a72


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