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[S3E1] Goodbye Mike

The three boys took Eleven and ran to Mr. Clarke's classroom. Mike tried to comfort El by promising that he would go to the Snow Ball with her. The Demogorgon broke in and attempted to kill them. El intervened using her powers to pin the Demogorgon against a wall while also throwing Mike backwards to prevent his intervention. El looked back at her friends and told Mike goodbye before turning to face the Demogorgon. She used the last of her remaining power to disintegrate the Demogorgon, but she also disappeared. Mike was left in tears as the boys frantically looked for her in the classroom.

[S3E1] Goodbye Mike

Mike had a healthy but somewhat strained relationship with his mother. He knew that Karen was always there to comfort and protect him. However, he disobeyed her orders to not go looking for Will and frequently lied to her. He also did not trust her to handle the situation surrounding Eleven. Karen appeared frustrated that both Mike and Nancy seemed unwilling to be honest and open with her. However, Mike went home to his mother and cried in her arms when he thought that Will was dead. After being unable to accept Eleven's presumed disappearance, Mike started behaving peculiarly which caused Karen, unaware of the cause, to compel him to pack a major portion of his toys, frustrating Mike even more. Mike also gets annoyed when his mom takes so many pictures of him in his Ghostbusters costume and his outfit for the Snow Ball. However, in October 1985, after saying goodbye to Will and Eleven, Mike sought comfort from his mom in the form of a hug, showing that he truly loves her. In the spring of 1986, Karen lets Mike visit Will and El in California for Spring Break. However, upon learning of Vecna's killing spree from Agents Ellen Stinson, Wallace, and Harmon, Mike grew worried for his mom's safety and decided to return to Hawkins to save his mother. After the supposed "earthquake", Karen is shocked yet relieved to be reunited with her son, who traveled back to Hawkins alongside the Byers via van. As Karen hugs her son tightly, she tells him he can forget about going on vacation again or college because he is staying right by her side.

Mike saved Eleven's life three times; when her leg was seriously injured, he helped her walk and took care of her. When she was in pain, he was extremely worried about her. When the Mind Flayer's strange growth continued to pulsate from Eleven's left leg, making El scream in severe pain, Mike kept holding onto her, trying to comfort her and help keep her still while Jonathan attempted to get the creature out of her left leg. After the battle, they are seen hugging and then are seen together in the back of an ambulance. Three months later, Eleven was getting ready to move out of Hawkins with Will's family. Although she was still unable to use her powers, Mike was hopeful that they would come back and comforted her by saying, "They'll come back, I know they will.". El then recalled how Mike had expressed his feelings for her at the cabin and kissed him, telling him she loves him too. During their final goodbyes, they shared long, tearful hugs outside of the Byers house. After El left, Mike returned to his home for a tearful hug with his mom.

When discovering that the Mind Flayer had returned to Hawkins, Will worked with Mike to stop it. Will eventually managed to reconcile with his friend and smiled when Mike confessed how much he loved Eleven. The two later continued to work together in defeating the Mind Flayer. Three months later, Will said goodbye to Mike before he and his family moved away from Hawkins. He assured him that he would never join another party, resulting in a big smile from Mike. Mike suggested to Eleven that she and Will return to Hawkins for Christmas as he thought that it would be fun to open their presents together on Christmas Day.

In 1985, Mike and Jonathan met again and worked together investigating the Flayed and attempting to stop the Mind Flayer. When Mike and Max argued about Eleven's well-being and independence, Jonathan did not jump into the argument and in the end, he looked shocked when Mike blurted out his love for El. After discovering the Mind Flayer's true plan, Mike and his friends were protected by Jonathan when the Mind Flayer's avatar attacked them. The two continued to work together where they removed a piece of the Mind Flayer out of El's wounded leg and fought against its avatar at Starcourt Mall before it was killed when Joyce turned off the Key that was opening a gate. Three months later, Mike assisted Jonathan in packing up his belongings and said goodbye to him before sadly watching him leave Hawkins with El and his family.

Meanwhile, Frank and Margaret are looking forward to the arrival of Trapper's replacement: a Captain B.J. Hunnicutt, and are even more eager to train him in their image. Hawkeye, still wet from his shower, enters the office demanding to leave camp to say goodbye to Trapper at Kimpo; Frank denies this request, but then gives Radar permission to pick up Hunnicutt at Kimpo, where Trapper is departing from. Hawkeye sarcastically excuses himself from the office and catches up with Radar just as he is preparing to leave for Kimpo; Hawkeye demands to drive, which Radar reluctantly agrees to, and the two are on their way.

Plot: Mercedes, Kurt, Santana, and Rachel pay tribute to Whitney Houston, causing Will to discuss the famous icon with Emma. He decides that Whitney Houston may be a good way to start to say goodbye as New Directions will be losing members soon due to graduation. Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating with another guy he met at the music store who texts him and compliments him daily. Santana and Rachel grow closer after a Whitney duet and as Joe assists Quinn with her therapy, she seems to be making progress.

Plot: As the year comes to an end, the New Directions look back and reflect on the good and the bad memories of the year. For some, it'll be their final days at McKinley, leaving them only a limited amount of time to decide upon their futures and spend time with each other. The seniors begin to review their years here before they graduate, and Will sets up a final assignment titled, "Goodbye." With the final days coming to an end, Finn, Kurt and Rachel are to face whether they will be accepted into their selective colleges. And will Rachel be saying goodbye to just McKinley?

When the news dropped that Paramount Network canceled the long-running reality competition show "Ink Master" in late 2020, fans were surprised to say the least. The show had completed 13 successful seasons and inspired three spin-offs, but then disappeared without any sort of finale or goodbye from longtime judges Dave Navarro, Chris Núñez, and Oliver Peck.

In the season finale, Goodbye Zoey, Zoey's parents come for an unexpected visit to PCA, tell Zoey and Dustin that they are moving to England. When offered to accompany the parents to London and attend Covington Preparatory School, an expensive boarding school located in the city, Zoey thinks about it. Although Zoey treasures Chase's opinion, Chase had heard the rumor before Zoey gets a chance to tell him about the news. This leads Chase to bitterly convince Zoey that she should go to London, and she decides to leave PCA. Before she leaves she gives a sad moment saying goodbye to Lola, Quinn, Michael, Logan, Mark, Dustin, and Stacey. Chase, however, doesn't come to say goodbye. After she leaves, Michael confronts Chase and explains that if he told Zoey to stay at PCA, she would have. Now deeply regretful for treating Zoey so badly and pushing her away, Chase tries to stop her from leaving, but with no success. Chase and Zoey finally talk via webcam after she left for England. Chase apologizes to her, and says that he really misses her. Zoey tells him that she accepts the apology, but she can't return to PCA. Chase starts hanging out with a girl named Gretchen, who looks a lot like Zoey only she has a repulsive personality. Michael and Logan help him admit that he only did so because he missed Zoey, and due to Michael accidentally turning the webcam software back on, Zoey watches Chase confess his love for her when talking to Michael and Logan.

Dr. Brenner (played by Matthew Modine) was always a character that the audience of Stranger Things had a very complicated relationship with, but in Season 4, it seems we finally said goodbye to him for good. 041b061a72


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