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Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy Right Now

When it comes to popular investing trends, cannabis stocks are near the top of the list. The marijuana industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. And this makes investing in cannabis a more attractive opportunity than ever.

best marijuana stocks to buy right now

As marijuana legalization becomes more widespread, it's going to become more common to find marijuana stocks in investors' portfolios. You may find yourself wondering whether you should be joining in.

The main benefit of considering getting into marijuana stocks right now is that the prices have fallen sharply due to oversupply and the marijuana bubble bursting, causing cannabis stocks to be at bottom-level prices. That said, there are signs that the cannabis industry could see signs of growth shortly.

Another excellent reason to invest in MJ stocks is the large number of companies to choose from, some of which carry less risk than others. One of the reasons people are hesitant to invest in marijuana stocks is that these companies may have a more difficult time getting financing through traditional means. But plenty of companies offer ancillary products and services that don't hit these same roadblocks.

As you might expect, there are a lot of ups and downs in the marijuana industry as the market and regulators figure out how it's all going to work. However, there is also a lot of potential for gains if you pick the right marijuana stocks or EFT to invest in.

So far, marijuana stocks have fared pretty well overall this year. In the first quarter, the biggest winners included relatively smaller Canadian marijuana producers. But which marijuana stocks look like good picks to buy in Q2?

There are plenty of strong candidates. However, two marijuana stocks that I think look attractive right now are CannTrust Holdings (NYSE: CTST) and Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR). Here's what makes these two stocks stand out in my view.

I think that CannTrust and Innovative Industrial Properties could be solid winners in the second quarter. More importantly, though, I think these two stocks should be successful over the long run. CannTrust and IIP are two top marijuana stocks to buy in Q2 not necessarily for their potential performance in the quarter but for the returns they could deliver to investors for many quarters to come.

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Hill: I would say, Jason, other than bitcoin, we probably had more questions last year about marijuana stocks than any other industry. David, is Canada the first tipping point for you, the legalization in Canada?

Kretzmann: Yeah, because you already have a fair amount of marijuana companies in Canada that are bracing for this recreational marijuana push there. Because there's already some medicinal marijuana sold in Canada, and obviously in some states in the U.S. But right now, it looks very overheated. Just looking at four of the bigger cannabis or marijuana companies in Canada right now, combined, their market value is $14.5. Their trailing revenue over the past year is $100 million. So these companies are trading for 145 times revenue. And that's just looking at four companies. There are a ton of other start-ups that aren't even selling anything yet. So, there's a lot of excitement here. And I think there will eventually be an opportunity here. But I just wonder if these very early companies are going to be the ones to actually benefit.

Jason Moser: Yeah. I'm on board with this. I think legalizing marijuana makes perfect sense for a lot of reasons. I think the big problem early on, and investors need to at least keep this in mind, is the disconnect between the states that want to do it vs. the federal government, which is still playing hardball. I think eventually, that risk goes away as administrations change. It's not like you need to jump into this thing headfirst right now. But I think it's definitely a market worth keeping an eye on.

The Cannabis industry has seen tremendous growth as public support for medical and recreational marijuana has risen. This has led to an increase in the number of public companies that research and sell Cannabis and Cannabis-related products. Traders looking to invest in Cannabis stocks may wish to gain further information prior to opening a position. Therefore, we have collected details regarding many of the various investment options available. 041b061a72


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