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Alpha Protocol Savegame Editor Rapidshare __LINK__

If you prefer to submit your manuscript to PLOS ONE before posting your protocol to, then you must still provide your step-by-step protocol as a supporting information (S1) file in a format of your choosing. You will be expected to replace this file with a PDF later in the editorial process.

Alpha Protocol Savegame Editor Rapidshare

Download File:

  • A special blog post discusses and provides examples of many of these parameters such ashgct_customText=, db=,hubUrl=, and genome= to attachcustom tracks, track hubs, assembly hubs, and even track hubs to assembly hubs, all in asingle URL. Read an overview of ways to share Genome Browser data views in theSharing Data with Sessions and URLs blog post.You can add other optional parameters to the URL: (Note: Display may vary if you have conflictingcart variables, for example having both hide all and highlight features.) guidelines=on/off - activate or deactivate the blue guidelines - example link to switch off blue guidelines

  • hgFind.matches= - highlight features given their names - example link to highlight two transcripts of the ABO gene

  • hgt.reset=1 - show only the default tracks - example link

  • hgt.toggleRevCmplDisp=1 - show the reverse-complement - example link to show the reverse-complement of the ABO gene

  • hgt.labelWidth= - set the size of the left-side label area - example link to increase the label area to 50 characters

  • hideTracks=1 - hide all tracks - example link to show no tracks at all

  • hideTracks=1&=fulldensepackhide - hide all tracks and show other tracks - example link to show only the Chromosome Bands track and nothing else

  • highlight=.:-#... - highlight one or more regions in a given color on the image. Note that the arguments have to be URL-encoded for Internet browsers, so ":" becomes "%3A", "#" becomes "%23" and "" becomes "%7"C. - example link to highlight two parts of the ABO locus in red and blue.

  • ignoreCookie=1 - do not load the user's existing settings saved in the internet browser's UCSC Genome Browser cookie. This means that the link will show the Genome Browser default settings such as track selections, custom tracks, and track hubs. Any changes you make in this new session will, however, affect the user's settings. E.g., if you add a track in this new window, and come back to the genome browser later, the track will still be there. This setting is useful if a website wants to link to the Genome Browser, starting with a "clean slate" but believes the user will come back to the Genome Browser expecting the changes to still be there.

  • ruler=hide - hide the ruler at the top of the browser image - example link to hide the ruler

  • oligoMatch=pack&hgt.oligoMatch= - switch on the Short Match track and highlight a matching sequence - example link to highlight the TATAWAR motif in the ABO locus

  • pix= - set the width of the image in pixels - example link to create a 300-pixel wide image

  • textSize= - set the size of text font - example link to increase the text font size to 12 pixels

  • =fullpackdensehide - show your current tracks, adding a track and set it to full, pack or dense visibility or hide it, respectively - example link to show the Chromosome Bands track set to "pack" and added to your view as saved in your cart. Please note that for this feature to work with custom tracks you must use the unique name and identifier number ct_name_#### assigned by our system. You can determine the name for a custom track using the url, -bin/cartDump. _imgOrd= - vertically orders the tracks on the image based on the numbers provided. You need to specify an order for every visible track when using this parameter - example link to show two show knownGene track being listed second with gtex first

  • .heightPer= - sets the height of the a bigWig track in pixels - example link to set umap bigWig track height to 100 pixels

  • _hideKids=1 - hides a specific super track's individual tracks - example link to hide the Encode Regulation super track

  • _sel=1 - selects specific subtrack to be 'checked', allowing display - example link to select the checkbox for UCSC RefSeq subtrack in the refSeq composite track, allowing display alongside default tracks

If a login and password is required to access data loaded through a URL (e.g., via https:protocol), this information can be included in the URL using the formatprotocol:// Only Basic Authentication is supported for HTTP.Note that passwords included in URLs are not protected. If a password contains a non-alphanumericcharacter, such as $, the character must be replaced by the hexadecimal representation forthat character. For example, in the password mypwd$wk, the $ character should be replacedby %24, resulting in the modified password mypwd%24wk. 350c69d7ab


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